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HorseShoe Bend

The name HorseShoe Bend, is derived from the actual shape of the lake, dates back to 1794. Bailiff Ferry - often referred to as "Old Bailiff Ferry" - 4 miles below Great Falls in 
HorseShoe Bend, where Webb School Camp was located in the 1920's. The camp started as a "summer school" at or near the site of Hi-Lake Camp. The camp was organized and run by Profs. W.R. Webb and G.W. Follin of the famous Webb School located at Bell Buckle, TN. 

Over the first ten years the camp gradually changed from a summer school to a recreational camp. At the end of that period the camp was moved (between 1918 & 1920) to the well known site of Old Bailiff Ferry. The camp was closed in 1939.

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